Publicação de Notas

6 Fevereiro 2014, 14:14 João Pedro Carvalho

Notas antes de revisão de provas

Results published

5 Fevereiro 2014, 10:27 Gil Marques

The results of the 31 Jan exams are published.

The exams can be seen on Feb 7 at 14H on the usual place, near the Lab.

Exam 31 January solutions

3 Fevereiro 2014, 20:18 Gil Marques

The solutions of the exam are published.

Exams on January 31

28 Janeiro 2014, 16:19 Gil Marques

Distribution of students:

Room C9 - (portuguese exam: 1st and 2nd parts) - Students to do exam in portuguese

Room C11 - (English test and exam) and students to do 2nd test (in portuguese)

Room C22 - 2nd test (in portuguese)

Exams on January 31

17 Janeiro 2014, 17:17 Gil Marques

On January, 31 there will be two tests, one for the first part and the other for second part. Students that want to realize the exam should answer to the two parts. It is possible to chose the tests in Portuguese or in English.

The enrolment will be done in a different way: You should go to "Grupos" in the web page and chose a group.