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2º Test Organization

13 Janeiro 2013, 14:09 Gil Marques

1) There will be no prior distribution of students in classrooms. The rooms that will be used are EA1, EA2 E3 and E4. Shall be filled in the order given.

2) Students not enrolled for this test must wait near the room E4 (From the outside) until you know if there are conditions for the test.

3) There will be a test sheet per student. Students may not request a new test sheet for having deceived. The issues shall be resolved on scrap paper and  passed for the test  sheet .

4) The test will last for 1:30 hours.

5) It will be distributed a small "formula set".

6) Students should take the test the following material:

a) White sheet for draft
b) Ballpoint
c) calculating machine (without communication capability)
d) Square and protractor.

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