Project 1st stage presentation - Alameda

9 Abril 2018, 23:28 Miguel Matos

The evaluation for the 1st stage of the project for Alameda will take place as follows:

April 1014:002Lab 14
April 1014:203Lab 14
April 1014:406Lab 14
April 1015:008Lab 14
April 118:004Lab 14
April 118:2019Lab 14
April 118:4021Lab 14
April 119:0024Lab 14

April 119:4011F8
April 1110:0013F8
April 1110:2014F8
April 1110:4029F8

Note that there won't be laboratory classes during this week, both in Tuesday 10  and Wednesday 11, as these will be used for the project evaluation.