Video conference classes will follow the same schedulle as regular classes both for theory and laboratories.

For theoretical classes we will use Zoom:

  • Tagus:
The password for Alameda's rooms is 43324xBW79 and for Tagus is 332210

For laboratory classes, we will use Discord:

When joining the server students should check the instructions in the #check-in channel.

Students are encouraged to join the Zoom/Discord room/channels well in advance to perform the required installation and configuration steps and test the system beforehand.
Usage rules
  • Use  your <First Name> <Last Name> - <student number> as the identifier
  •  Make sure your microphone is muted before joining
  • Make sure your video is turned-off before joining
During the class, and following the professor's instructions the microphone and/or chat can be used to ask/answer questions and participate in the class as usual.

For further instructions on how to configure the system check:Zoom: