Each group must select a paper from the paper list.

The selection will be done through a Doodle link for each campus that will be published in the Announcements section on  May 14 at 17:00.

Groups must select a paper from the campus they are registered in. Otherwise, the registration will not be considered valid.
Before the COVID pandemic, the presentations and follow-up questions took place during the theoretical classes. This year, to mitigate the impact of technical difficulties, we will proceed as follows:

  •  each group records a presentation for the selected paper- the recorded presentation is uploaded by May 25 at 17:00
  • the recorded presentations will be made available by May 25, so to allow groups to see each other's presentations before the discussion (access will be restricted to students enrolled in the class, and the recorded videos will not be made publicly available)
  • all group members are expected to be present and available to answer questions with video and voice enabled in the Zoom platform
  • the presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes and each group member should present for roughly 5 minutes. When doing their part of the presentation students should introduce themselves first such that it is clear who is presenting. Having the camera enabled during the recording of the presentation is encouraged but not mandatory
  • the presentation should follow the guidelines presented in the first theoretical class
  • besides presenting the technical aspects of the paper, students are expected to briefly summarize the strengths and weakness of the paper, for instance through a slide at the end of the presentation
  • we do not prescribe any communication technology to record the presentation, students are free to select their favorite tool, as long as the selected video format is a standard one
  • from May 26 to June 4 each group will answer a set of questions about the presented paper during the theoretical classes (the agenda for this will be made on May 25)

The submission will be done through Fenix and must include the following:
  • PDF of the presentation- README containing  
  • identification of the group  
  • link to the video in a standard format (e.g. mp4)  
  • hash of the video contents
The video must be uploaded to EDU Lisboa's Google Drive and shared with "anyone with the link permissions" so it is accessible to professors and enrolled students. The submitted videos will be made available on the course's page.

  • May 14 @ 17:00 : paper selection through Doodle
  • May 25 @17:00 : upload of presentations
  • May 26 - June 4 : discussion  of presentations