Métodos de Avaliação

4 components :

  1. Exam (50%): Minimum grade: 8 
  2. .Project (40%): 
    • Group of 3 students
    • Minimum grade: 8
    • 2 stages: 
      • If grade of 2nd stage is higher than the grade of 1st stage then final grade is the grade of the 2nd stage
      • Otherwise final grade is 50% of the1st stage and 50% of the 2nd stage
    • Final evaluation based on demo, report, code review and discussion:
      • The discussion is done with all the members of the group present, but the evaluation is individual.
      • The presence of students during the final evaluation/discussion is mandatory.
  3.  Paper presentation and reviewing (10%) 
    • reverts to exam for worker students
The first 2 components (Exam and Project) are mandatory! Failing any of them implies failing this course!