"Época Especial" - Grades of the exam

23 julho 2019, 11:09 Paolo Romano

The grades of the exam for the "Época Especial" are available in the "Notas" section.

The exam can be reviewed on Friday, July 26 in room 514 (INESC-ID) at 14h00.

Época Especial

18 julho 2019, 11:11 Miguel Matos

Students who intend to develop a project for 'Época Especial' should contact via email Professors M. Matos and P. Romano in order to obtain the specification of the project. The deadline for submitting the project's solution is July 25 at 23.59. The discussion of the project will take place on July 26 at 14.30, in room 514 of INESC-ID (Alameda).

Final grades

11 julho 2019, 22:33 Paolo Romano

The final grades (reflecting the review of the 2nd exam) have been published in the "Notas" Section.

2nd exam grades

5 julho 2019, 18:39 Miguel Matos

The grades after the 2nd exam have been published in the section "Notas".

The exams will be available for review:
  • Alameda, Tuesday July 9 at 11:00 in office 514 of INESC-ID (for the students who took the exam in Alameda)
  • Tagus: Thursday, July 11 at 15:00 in office 2N3.15  of Tagus Park (for the students who took the exam in Tagus Park)

2nd Exam rooms and 1st exam grades

1 julho 2019, 18:20 Miguel Matos

The meeting rooms for the 2nd exam will be:

- Alameda: F4
- Tagus: A4

The grades for the 1st exam (pós-revisão) are available under the "Notas" section.