Final Grades

11 Fevereiro 2016, 15:05 Alexandre José Malheiro Bernardino

The final grades, after oral exams, are available in the course page, section "grades".

Any related issues should be communicated to the teaching staff until tomorrow, Friday 12th February, until 15:00h.

Project Grades

3 Fevereiro 2016, 17:24 Alexandre José Malheiro Bernardino

The grades of the SCDTR project now available in the course web page (Sections / Grades). Students whose final grade is marked with "*" should contact as soon as possible the course teaching staff to submit to oral exam (unless already done). Possible dates for oral exam are Thursday 4th Feb afternoon, or Friday 5th Feb morning. 

Project Demo Grades

23 Dezembro 2015, 23:50 Alexandre José Malheiro Bernardino

The grades for the lab demonstrations are available in section "grades". Students may contact the teaching staff by email until the 3rd January 2016 for any clarification.

Last week schedule

14 Dezembro 2015, 08:51 Alexandre José Malheiro Bernardino

1 - Theory class on Wednesday will be about writing technical reports. This knowledge can be applied for writing the final project report.

2 - There is no theory class on Friday. The time will be allocated for project demos.
3 - The section "Project" in the course web page has an errata on the second stage guidelines document. Please check it out.

TCP Server Client Example with Cpp and Boost ASIO

3 Dezembro 2015, 08:54 Alexandre José Malheiro Bernardino

TCP client and server examples are now available in the course GIT repository: "". 

Select branch tcp_example and download the code. To compile and run, follow the instructions in the header of the source files.
The client to be used in the final demo by the teaching staff,  to test the students' server, will be very similar to the one provided in the example.