Recourse exam

13 Janeiro 2021, 10:08 Rodrigo Ventura

Due to the pandemic, the recourse exam will also take place remotely, at the planned date of 14-Jan-2021 at 15h, for a duration of 1h30. The best grade among the exam and the average of the two tests will prevail.

IMPORTANT: differently from the tests, in order for the exam to count, the attempt must be explicitly submitted. You have up to 5 minutes after 16h30 to do that. If you don't, the exam will not be evaluated.

Consultation of study material is permitted. However, communication among students is strictly forbidden.

We will be using the DEEC Moodle platform, as before, accessible through the link. To login, click the IST Login button, and enter your credentials at the FENIX login page that will appear. After login, you will find the link to the course materials at the "Autonomous Systems - 1º Semestre 2020/2021 ( MEAer MEEC )" link. There you'll find the online Exam.

Do not hesitate to contact the faculty in case of any question.