Publicação de Notas

15 Janeiro 2019, 16:35 Pedro Urbano Lima

The final grades in the course are available in the Grades page. Students who have any doubt or complaint about the grades (Exame and/or Final) should send an email to until the end of the week (Friday, 18, 23:59). Grades will be officially set Monday.

Publicação de Notas

15 Janeiro 2019, 16:33 Pedro Urbano Lima

Estão publicadas as notas do Exame Final.

Project grades

4 Janeiro 2019, 23:13 Rodrigo Ventura

The grades of the course project are published in the Marks/Notas section of the course webpage.

You have until January 11th to request any clarification/revision concerning the grade, by sending an email to both faculty containing a justification for the request.

Rodrigo Ventura

Exam Enrolment required

24 Dezembro 2018, 12:30 Pedro Urbano Lima

Those students willing to take the final Exam of Autonomous Systems on 09 January, 2019, 15:00 must enrol between now and 07 January 23:59 - go to "Evaluations > Teste: 1ª Época Periodo de Inscrição " on the web page.

Students not enrolled will not be accepted in the exam.

MiniTest 2 Grades

24 Dezembro 2018, 12:28 Pedro Urbano Lima

The grades for Mini-Test 2 can be checked  here .

Since this is a multiple-choice test, it is expected that reviewing the grades occurs only in cases students find/suspect there was a mistake. If that is your case, send an email to the course responsible and later we will set a date for grade reviewing in those cases.