Publicação de Notas

25 Janeiro 2018, 08:27 Pedro Urbano Lima

Pauta final enviada para a Secretaria. Ver página Notas. 

Final grades

19 Janeiro 2018, 16:05 Pedro Urbano Lima

The final course grades are listed here, after a few revisions were made. They will be sent to the Secretaria this coming week.

Exam and Final Grades

10 Janeiro 2018, 22:57 Pedro Urbano Lima

The grades for the exam, as well as the final grades can be found here.
Since this is a multiple-choice Exam, it is expected that reviewing the grades occurs only in cases students find/suspect there was a mistake. If that is your case, send an email to the course responsible and later we will set a date for grade reviewing in those cases.
Should there be no complaints about the exam and/or course final grades until Friday, Jan 19, the latter will be officially published and sent to the Registrar immediately after.

Exam information

9 Janeiro 2018, 11:07 Pedro Urbano Lima

The Exam will take place tomorrow, Wed 10 Jan 2018, at 15:00, in room F4 only. It will have a maximum duration of 2 hours and covers all the topics in the course syllabus, reflected in the online pdf slides.

Only the 13 enrolled students will be allowed to take the exam.

Project Grades

6 Janeiro 2018, 21:08 Pedro Urbano Lima

The grades for the projects, as well as the provisional grades (not yet updated for the students taking the final Exam) can be found here.