Poster session

16 Dezembro 2012, 18:56 Rodrigo Ventura

The poster session will take place Friday January 4, 2013, from 9h00 to 19h00, at the North Tower atrium (placards will be provided). The posters should be stapled there at 8h45 and stay there for the rest of the day. Each group will have 20min to explain and discuss their poster (including Q&A). You are required to stay at your poster during your time slot. The time slot alocation is as follows:

  • SLOT #2 -- 14h00-16h00: PMAPK, PMAPL, PMAPS, SR-MAP, SR-PASS, SR-TRACK
  • SLOT #3 -- 17h00-19h00: ICALIB, QR-MAPL1, QR-MAPL2, QR-MAPS, QR-SIM

Poster format: preferably A0 format, containing in the header:

  1. IST logo (media kit)
  2. the course name in the header (Sistemas Autónomos or Autonomous Systems)
  3. the name of the project, followed by the authors

The poster is primarily your support material to explain your work, and secondarily it should be self-explanatory of your work. So, balance the right proportions of text and graphical material. Some example guidelines here.

A suggestion for template can be found in the Projects section.

Live demos at the poster session site are highly encouraged, as well as bringing a laptop to show videos of your project.