Schedule for 3rd project discussions

9 Junho 2009, 16:35 Rodrigo Ventura

(edited June 11th)

The discussions for project 3, for June 15th and 17th, will take place according to the following schedule. Each group will be given 15 minutes for a brief presentation of their work -- this presentation should introduce the subject (5min advised) and present the innovative application (10min advised) -- followed by 5 minutes of Q&A for evaluation. A video projector will be available at the room.


Mon, June 15th, room EA3
8h00 G15 Honda's Asimo humanoid robot
8h20 G1 RoboCup MidSize league, state-of-the-art and recent developments
8h40 G2 RobotCub's iCub humanoid robot
9h00 G3 Military Autonomous Robots (unmanned flying/ground vehicles)
9h20 G4 Semantic robot vision challenge
9h40 G5 CMU's Tartan Racing participation on DARPA Urban Challenge 2007
10h00 G6 Google lunar X prize
10h20 G7 New developments on Nanorobotics
Wed, June 17th, room EA3
8h00 G8 Industrial Remote handling
8h20 G10 Swarm robotics
8h40 G11 Robotic Surgery
9h00 G13 NASA JPL Path Finder and new developments
Wed, June 17th, room EA4
14h00 G14 Robots and biology
14h20 G15 Honda's Asimo humanoid robot
14h40 G16 Canadarm and the new Zero-gravity robotic arm
15h00 GAF

Stanford's Stanley participation on DARPA Grand Challenge 2005

15h20 G12 Cooperative PathFollowing para AUV's