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List of Commitments & Tasks - Second Draft

11 Outubro 2019, 16:40 Daniel Simões Lopes

Dear VR/AR students,

After the excellent paper presentation sessions and captivating idea pitches, we are now asking each group to reiterate their List of Commitments & Tasks based on the feedback provided during the Idea Pitch sessions (lecture, student and specialist feedback). Please use the following template that is available in the Lab Sessions section
The list is now an excel sheet, add/remove task rows as necessary. 
Please send us your excel file using the file “RVir-LCT-Group-0*place_your_group_number_here*.xlsx”. Submit the xlsx document to both faculty members by October 17th before 13h00 (only submissions in xls/xlsx, with the correct file name and sent to both lecturer’s institutional e-mails will be considered).

Once we receive your reiterated list, both me and Prof. Augusto Esteves will score the overall project and each checkpoint (a.k.a., feature or "funcionalidade"). Scoring grids will be made available until October 25th. 

Keep up with the good work!
Daniel Simões Lopes
Augusto Esteves

Course weekly structure (starting week 5)

9 Outubro 2019, 15:05

Low fidelity prototype + storyboard

9 Outubro 2019, 15:03

List of Commitments & Tasks - First Draft

3 Outubro 2019, 19:03

Pool of Papers and Paper Presentation Assignment are now available

16 Setembro 2019, 12:25

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Daniel Simões Lopes



Augusto Esteves