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Notes about the Report of the Group-Work

16 Dezembro 2015, 18:17 Joao Jose de Oliveira Pires

The report should be no longer than 15 pages and should be structured like a paper. It should therefore include: abstract, introduction, main body, conclusions and references. An electronic version and a paper version should be  be provided.  The deadline for leaving the last one in the “secretaria da Área Científica de Telecomunicações” (room 4.08, 4th floor Nortth Tower)  is December 21.


Slides of the presentations

5 Novembro 2015, 17:01

Notes about the presentations (III)

2 Novembro 2015, 16:10

Notes about the presentations (II)

27 Outubro 2015, 15:06

Notes about the presentations of the Group-Works

8 Outubro 2015, 13:28

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