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Final Workshop of Social Robotics

19 Dezembro 2019, 10:34 Ana Paiva

Dear students,

The final workshop of the Social Robotics course will be held on the 20th or on the 21st of January.
If you have any exam in any of these days, please send me an email urgently, so that we make sure that the date fits most of the students.

In the workshop every group will need to make a presentation (using a powerpoint) and should provide a technical description, describe the study with the hypothesis with associated with the study conditions. The presentation should also include a video (max 1,30 minutes) and include the  results of the evaluation done.

Please, do send me an email if it is completely impossible for you to participate in the WS. The final grade of the project also includes the presentation at the WS and the paper associated with it.

Kind regards,


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