Workshop on the 21st

20 Janeiro 2020, 10:26 Ana Paiva

Dear students,
The workshop will be held tomorrow the 21st at 9h.The presentation should be *15 minutes maximum*! So, that we have some time for questions. Students are supposed to be in the workshop the whole duration.
The program is below. See you tomorrow!


Workshop on Social Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction


 21th of January 2020

Sala Prof. José Tribolet, IST- Alameda


9,00-9,20 Improvement in Creativity through HRI

Filipe Cruzinha, André Mendonça & Mara Caldeira

9,20-9,40 Do Dogs Like Robots?

Ana Antunes &  Miguel Tavares


9,40-10,00 Mistreating Robots - A study on human empathy

Artur Guimarães & Joana Teodoro


10,00- 10-20 To what extent do people trust more in a robot that poses as an authoritative figure versus an emphatic one?

Da Lio Silvia, Håbrekke Øyvind & Næss Simen Emil Eide


10,20- 10,40 Analysis of physical and digital companions in a home environment

Francisco Sousa, Pedro Caldeira & João Pereira


10,40-11 Happy or Dull? Human-Robot Interactions with different personalities

Alexandre Guerra


11h-11,10 Coffee Break


11,10- 11,30 Storytelling with a robot: What are the effects of a positive or negative story on humans?

Inês Batina & Maria Inês Lobo


11,30- 11,50 Trust in Robots and Personality

Margarida Félix, Nuno Amaro & Pedro Cunha


11,50-12,10 The Effect of Emotions in the Trust Game with Robots

Isabel Raposo & Ricardo Ventura


12,10- 12,30 Motion in Emotion

João Saramago, Joaquim Rocha & Rodrigo Santos


12,30-12,50 The influence of emotions in the perception of competence in Human-Robot Relations

Rafael Pedro, Diogo Freitas & Nuno Marques


12,50- 13,10 "STOP, Don’t do it!" - Exploring the Impact of Social Perception in Human-Robot Interaction

André Rodrigues & Rui Ribeiro