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Workshop of Social Robots

25 Janeiro 2016, 07:44 Ana Paiva

Workshop on Social Robotics

Monday, the 25th of January, 2016

Tagus Park, Room 1.38




3pm-3.05pm Welcome and Presentation of the workshop- Ana Paiva


3.05pm-3.25pm- The FIDES: How facial expression may influence the trust in a robot?- Mojgan Hashemian, Raul Paradeda, Rafael Afonso Rodrigues

3.45pm-3.45pm- "Math.io, the robot math tutor" Carlos Vala, Gonçalo Castilho, Joana Natálio

3.45pm-4.05pm- A study on aBag, Filipe Rosa, Kelly Karipidou, Rodrigo Martins

4.05pm-4.25pm- Do we trust lying robots? Almeida, Fábio; Honório, David; Khavro, Andrey.

4.25pm-4.45pm- Follow me: intention communication with a spherical robot

Andrea Costigliola and Miguel Faria and Duarte Mendes Paiva


4.45pm- End of workshop


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