Métodos de Avaliação

The COVID-19 crisis has brought the need for an adaptation of the evaluation methods in order to allow the evaluation to be performed remotely in its entirety. In the case of RMSF, the evaluation method remains essentially the same. The only differences are: (1) written tests will be performed online in case it is not possible to do them in a presential way, and (2) there are no minimum grades imposed on the different evaluation components in the case of online tests. The evaluation method is thus the following:

Theory Evaluation: 2 tests. Grading is different depending on the choice of lab activity:

- Option 1: 

Theory: 50%

Standalone Project (groups of 2 students): 50%


- Option 2:

Theory: 70%

Lab assignments (groups of 2 students): 30%


The students will be able to recover any or both of the tests during the Test Recovery session.

Worker-students are exempt from the project/lab and may be evaluated exclusively based on the tests.  
Exceptionally, in 2020/2021, the Special Season is accessible to all students, including for grade improvement. As agreed with the MEEC coordinator and student delegates before the start of the semester, the Special Season Exam also replaces the labs/project and will not be averaged with it. This means that:

1) The students who pass only in the Special Season Exam will get the latter's grade as final grade of the course.

2) The students who try to improve their grade in the Special Season Exam will only improve if the grade of the Special Season Exam per se is greater than the grade obtained during the  Normal Season (tests+lab/project). In this case, the final grade will coincide with the grade of the Special Season Exam.