The delivery of the project will be done through the Fenix system. The students shall upload a single .zip file with the following contents:

1) One folder called "Arduino" with the code run in the MCUs.

2) An MS Word document (in PDF format) with the complete list of materials and the Friting diagrams of the hardware connections.

3) An MS PowerPoint presentation (in PDF format) with the following contents:
- Slide 1: Title, authors and group number.
- Slide 2: Brief description of the project in one paragraph (max. 100 words).
- Slide 3: Pointers to commercial products doing the same or similar things (if available).
- Slide 4: Diagram with overall architecture, including Cloud and App components, and connections between them.
- Slide 5: Flow diagram summarizing algorithm executed at the MCU.
- Slide 6: Photo of the hardware assembly.
- Slide 7: Database platform (e.g., Google Firebase) and variables.
- Slide 8: Description of App functionalities (what the user(s) can do).
- Slide 9: Snapshots of main Activities of the App.
- Slide 10: Conclusions and suggestions for extension/improvement.