Métodos de Avaliação

The evaluation of the course will be based on three main components:

- Lab Assignments: 

* Weight: 20% 
* Minimum grade: 8,5
* Description: The Lab Assignments consist of three guided projects to develop a basic IoT application. Each assignment is worth 1/3 of the lab component evaluation. The Lab Assignments will be evaluated inside the lab.

- Standalone Project:  
* Weight: 30%
* Minimum grade: 8,5
* Description: The Standalone Project consists on developing a more complex IoT application. The standalone Project will be evaluated based on a Power Point presentation and functionality demonstration.

- Exam:  
* Weight: 50%  
* Minimum grade: 8,5 
* Description: The Exam will have a duration of 2 hours and will cover subjects addressed in the theoretical classes.

The final grade (FG) will be calculated as follows:
FG = 20%*Lab + 30%*Project + 50%*Exam