Updated Past Tests/Exams

7 Junho 2022, 14:44 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

The solutions of the following tests/exams were updated/corrected:

- 18/19: Teste12042019

- 16/17: Teste21042017

Possible Talk by Inovstep on C-Lock

6 Junho 2022, 18:33 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

During the Altice talk in our class, the speakers have mentioned a successful case study of an IoT company called Inovstep. Their product is C-Lock, an electronic lock cylinder,  based on NB-IoT.

In order to justify the effort of organizing the talk, I would like to know if the talk would have a minimum acceptable quorum of interested students. As such, ask the interested students to send e-mail to, with the following subject: "RMIC: Talk by Inovstep"

Thank you in advance.

RMSF Vodafone Prize Ceremony 2020/2021

9 Maio 2022, 12:05 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

The RMSF Vodafone Prize Ceremony 2020/2021 will finally be held. It will be public, and will take place on May 11 2022, at 14:30, in room VA2. All RMIC 2021/2022 students are invited to attend. Besides the formal items of the program, the ceremony will include four pitches with the candidate teams, as follows:

14:45 - 14:45: 1st Team – Fechapp
15:00: 2nd Team - Mobile Air Quality Measurement with GPS Stamp
15:15: 3rd Team - Smart COMF
15:30: 4th Team - SmartMirror

This is also a good opportunity for the RMIC 2021/2022 teams to have a glimpse on how 2021/2022 ceremony will look like.

Vodafone Prize: final list of candidates and additional info

6 Maio 2022, 15:55 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

After revision of the 1st Exam, we have one more candidate group. I remind that it is an eligibility requirement that all group members must have a positive mark (>=9.5) in the 1st Exam. Additionally, it was also decided that only the projects whose mark is greater or equal than 17.5 are eligible. The final list of candidates is the following:

- Group 4
- Group 8
- Group 9
- Group 13
- Group 15
- Group 19
- Group 20

The pitch will take place in the preparation week starting on the 27th June. The detailed schedule will be published soon. The students will pick up the equipment on Friday, 13th May, at INESC, according to the following schedule:
- Group 4: 17:00
- Group 8: 17:10
- Group 9: 17:20
- Group 13: 17:30
- Group 15: 17:40
- Group 19: 17:50
- Group 20: 18:00

In order to prepare for the contest, the students are allowed to improve their projects by adding a maximum of two sensors/actuators to the original set. They can also improve the slides, as long as this does not entail adding more slides relative to the limits that had already been established. 

1st Exam: final grading after revision

6 Maio 2022, 15:41 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

The final grading after exam revision was published. The students are requested to check their grades and report any detected anomalies.