Fórum subscription

23 Fevereiro 2017, 12:53 José Luís Pinto de Sá

Some students are having troubles in subscribing the fórum, but it is working properly. What you have to do to subscribe it is as follows:

  • For students, in the page of "participar", there is a link for "Fóruns das disciplinas", Click it.
  • You now are into the sub-page "Forums das disciplinas". There is one for "Redes e instalações eléctricas". Click it.
  • Now, you are into the Forum of "Redes e instalações eléctricas". There is a table, and just under the table there is a line of text that, if you did'nt subscribe the forum yet, allows you to do it, clicking on the word "Subscrever".
  • And that's it. Now you are going to receive every message that is published in the forum in your mailbox. You can also write new threads and/or add answers or comments to existing threads.
Regards, Pinto de Sá