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COVID19 - Classes planning

16 Março 2020, 14:58 Filipa Maria Santos Ferreira

Dear Students


According to the IST directives, in this course, Building Systems and Equipment, we will proceed as follows:


1- The Seminars will be online, in the scheduled days and hours, using the selected system (ColibriZoom), through the link:


I'll send you an email a few minutes before to remember and to synchronize ourselves.


2- The nature of the Practical Classes, in truth it is individual support to the Project's development, does not imply to maintain the scheduled times. Thus, the support will be every time you need, by email, mobile, Skype, WhatsApp, or ColibriZoom (link:

https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/902097486). Please contact me by email or mobile to schedule a Skype or Zoom interactive session.


3- The delivery dates for the Projects are now suspended! It does not mean to stop the tasks! Please try to proceed using electronic devices to ensure the team's communication and the project development.


Best regards

José Chaves, Filipa Ferreira e João Garcia

Corpo Docente

José Manuel Da Silva Chaves Ribeiro Pereira



Miguel Amado



Filipa Maria Santos Ferreira

João Guilherme Raimundo Garcia