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13 Setembro 2020, 12:24 Rui Henriques

Dear students,

Update: following Técnico 13/9/2020 guidelines, the labs will follow a mixed setting with ZOOM transmission and alternating presential shifts. Citing guidelines: "The enrollment of students in type A or type B shifts is determined by the student number (odd or even), not being subject to choice. Each student will belong to a type A or type B shift in all curricular units in which they enroll, and cannot enroll in one curricular unit in a type A shift and in another curricular unit, in a type B shift. [...] Students may choose not to attend the class or to be always online."

The theoretical classes will be transmitted via ZOOM and synchronized between the campi. Citing guidelines: "Theoretical classes will continue with rooms assigned in the schedule. These rooms, as well as study rooms, 24-hour rooms, libraries and other spaces properly marked, can be used by students to attend theoretical classes when they are on campi". Generally, I will be also nearby at one of the campi.

Check also the previous announcement for details on course organization, groups and lab registrations.
Looking forward to meeting you soon,
Your faculty hosts


23 Agosto 2020, 23:35

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Rui Henriques


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