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Link for upcoming lectures and project demo

3 Dezembro 2020, 18:26 Rui Henriques

The room for the upcoming lectures (Dec 4, 17 and 18) and project discussions (Dec 10 and 11) is once more:

The schedule for the project presentations in the upcoming week is available. If your group is unable to attend the suggested slot, please send us an e-mail with "PRI: request slot change xxx [group number]" to rmch AT tecnico.ulisboa.pt with two-to-three alternative slots.
Project presentations should last approximately 6-7 minutes, include the execution of an implemented functionality, and convey key decisions placed along the first and second deliveries. The use of slides to guide the presentation is optional. A brief Q&A will follow the presentation.

The essay delivery is approaching: upcoming Sunday, December 6th. Be creative!

Updated planning and presentation slots

26 Novembro 2020, 12:35

You can now verify your results and implementation for Lab 8

24 Novembro 2020, 14:06

Updated link for Labs

19 Novembro 2020, 10:46

Updated link for Lectures

11 Novembro 2020, 14:17

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