Second exam: instructions

25 Janeiro 2021, 15:43 Rui Henriques

Update 2: an e-mail was sent to the registered students for the second exam. If you did not receive, please let me know by sending an e-mail to rmch AT
Update 1: we opted to simplify the evaluation setting by removing the need to use the Quizzes platform. Changes:
  • the exam will be divided into two blocks of 1 hour each, with resolution to be performed using physical pen-and-paper, and 5 minutes after each block to upload answers via Fenix (or via e-mail to rmch AT if something goes wrong)
  • we will test photo uploading in the first 5 minutes of the exam for your comfort
  • True-or-False will be reduced to approximately 6 values (~30 statements), 3 values per block.

Second exam (Feb 9) will be remote via zoom:
Registrations until 23:59 Feb 7. Password for the zoom session will be provided via e-mail by Feb 8 with a summary of instructions.

Exam is divided in two parts:
  • Part I: 70 minutes for open calculus.
    The open calculus statement is a single PDF page provided to your IST e-mail.
    Please write the exam version and your IST number on all pages. Once time is over, you are not allowed to continue writing.
    A buffer of 4 minutes after the ending time will be given for you to take a photo of your answers and send them to rmch AT
    Please test beforehand that you can easily share photos via e-mail with a reasonable quality and compact size (<10MB).
  • Part II: 40 minutes of two rounds of 25 True-or-False statements each round (50 in total) via Quizzes Tutor
Additional instructions:
  • Please change your username to have your name and IST number.
  • Please guarantee that your camera is on and an angle is set where we can see your hands while solving the calculus part of the exam. If you are unable to adhere to this setup, please notify your faculty hosts.
  • A single sheet with notes on both sides is allowed and should be captured by the camera angle. No other form of consultation is allowed.
  • During the open calculus, you are only allowed to use the keyboard/mouse sparingly.
  • Students are eligible to be requested for oral examination. Failing to adhere to previous principles due to difficulties with the setup, distractions or non-conformity either mean mandatory oral examination or exam nullification.
First exam grades were updated.
Thank you for all your attention.
Kind regards