Exam guidelines

5 Janeiro 2021, 21:34 Rui Henriques

Update: the allocated rooms changed for Alameda. Students registered in Alameda should be at V1.31 (Civil Eng. building), 10 minutes before the exam.

Recent update: There is a delay on the provision of the official declarations for free circulation by Técnico. While we wait for their publication, please also consider downloading your student status declaration or this declaration.
Update: Declarations for free circulation on January 15th can be downloaded via https://drive.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/
Update: January 15 exam will occur in presential format as planned.
Early update: if closure of schools is not decreed, the presential exam will take place as planned.
To circulate on Friday, please download the declaration file from your student area in Fenix to show authorities when requested.

Exam guidelines:
  • no registration is necessary
  • please arrive 10 minutes earlier at A1 in Taguspark and V1.31 Refeitório Pav. Matemática (ground floor of mathematics building) in Alameda. Exceptionally, please note that a few students can be redirected from Refeitório to F4 room in Informatics I building, which can take up to 10 minutes walking
  • you are allowed to bring a single A4 page with notes on both sides. Draft pages will be provided. Sign all pages
  • exam is dimensioned for 2h. Exam duration is 2h30. Exam withdrawal allowed after 90 minutes of starting time
  • please bring your non-graphical calculator
  • Técnico guidelines apply: identification card is necessary and infractions abide by regulation
  • students with valid COVID-19 allowance emmitted by Técnico encompassing the day of the exam are eligible for oral assessment. Please notify Rui until Jan 14 midnight and further instructions will be shared
Exam preparation materials and prototype exam (with corresponding solutions and errata) in Materials.
Office hours: ongoing questions via e-mail. Zoom appointments for Wednesday Jan 13. Contact your faculty host in accordance with the content chapters of your questions.