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[E#1]: general information

18 Dezembro 2018, 17:53 Rui Castro

The first exam will be held on Jan. 18, 2019, starting at 19h:00m, with a duration of 01h:00m, in room V1.05.
The exam is divided in two parts. The first part has a duration of 00h:10m and consists of a set of multiple answer and true/false questions. The second part has a duration of 00h:50m and consists of two problems.
No IST exam form is required. The exam is to be completed strictly in the exam itself, in the spaces provided for that purpose, and no additional sheets are allowed.The use of a calculator is forbidden in the first part and allowed in the second part. 
In the second part of the exam, it is allowed the use of a memory aid composed by an A4 paper sheet (single side, handwritten, no computer text or photocopies), containing all relevant information. Absolutely no formulas or constant values will be provided on the exam.

Corpo Docente

Rui Castro