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2nd Exam - Marks

5 Fevereiro 2018, 18:21 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear RC students,

Please find the marks of the 2nd exam, together with the final marks of the course at the usual place. Please let us know if you find any mistake or if you have any question. 

If you feel like checking your exam, please step by next thursday morning (11h) at INESC-ID (room 442) (please ask to speak with Alexandre P. Francisco). Thanks in advance.

Best, Alexandre.

1st exam - Marks

24 Janeiro 2018, 18:30

Minor update...

23 Janeiro 2018, 15:51

1st exam (2)

17 Janeiro 2018, 11:11

1st exam

14 Janeiro 2018, 18:31

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Alexandre Francisco