Métodos de Avaliação

The course includes one project (50%) to be developed by groups of 2 or 3 students, and a final exam (50%). 

Project (50%)

You will be free to choose project topics that are close to your background and interests. Particularly, in the 2nd part all groups will address a different topic, such that, at the end of the semester, we may organize a small workshop in which we all discuss each other projects. Given the variety of scientific backgrounds of our class and the interdisciplinary nature of the topics addressed in this course, we advise take the opportunity to assemble heterogeneous groups, benefiting from different perspectives and experiences. 
  • 1st part (30%) - Short report on the analysis of a data set or network tool. 
  • 2nd part (70%) - Each group will be able to select a topic / challenge, which typically includes the discussion and (hopefully) the replication of a recent scientific paper. Suggestions for the 2nd part will soon be published.
We expect that the project (at least part) will be developed during our Labs, in the presence of one of the professors (please check our schedule; you may pick either Monday or Friday for your Lab). Therefore, it is expected that all members of a group share the same Lab. Groups will be able to subscribe to their preferred Lab (Monday or Friday) on the webpage of the course after the first class.

Exam (50%)

  • Dates available here.