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RC | this friday (Nov 24)

22 Novembro 2017, 19:06 Francisco João Duarte Cordeiro Correia dos Santos

Dear RC students, 

In our last classes, we discussed the impact of complex networks on cooperation and how one can combine games, evolution and networks to analyze complex decision making. This Monday we finished our classes on cooperation with the application of game theory to environmental agreements and the mitigation of the effects of climate change. We hope you liked! (slides available at our usual place). 

This Friday (2 pm, room FA1) we will continue with an exciting interdisciplinary topic. As I told you, we will have the pleasure to receive Prof. Pedro T. Monteiro, in an invited lecture on modelling of gene regulatory networks. Pedro will tell us how to use Boolean networks to address this critical topic within life sciences. I am pretty sure that it will be great. Please note that this session is open to everyone you believe may be interested in the topic. Everyone is invited.

Friday will also be an excellent time for our group photo ☺!  We will be delighted to register this year's group with a photo.  Thus, we will be so happy if you could come... Many, many thanks in advance!

Additionally to our usual office hours, this Friday we will be all day available at Alameda to help you with anything you may need for your 2nd project. Please find one of us at “Pavilhão de Informática III” (2nd floor, Room 02), from 10h to ~13h. If you prefer to meet earlier, please let us know. After our invited lecture, we will be available at LAB14, as usual. Every group will be welcome. 

Hope it helps! 

Best wishes and see you soon, 
Francisco & Alexandre.

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Francisco João Duarte Cordeiro Correia dos Santos



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