2nd exam - informations

15 Julho 2020, 11:33 João Nuno De Oliveira e Silva

The second exam of PSIS will take plane Jully 16th at 11h30.

This notice clarifies the procedures to make the exame:

With respect to the exam students should, take into consideration  the following:


The duration of the exam is 2h00

There will be a period before the exam for preparation and clarification of any question related to the exam.

There will be a period of 30 minutes after the exam for students to upload the resolution

No resolution will be accepted after the 2h30.


There will be a zoom meeting located at:

Students should attend this meeting during and before the exam.

Students will need to use the istID and FENIX password to access this meeting

Students can enter the meeting at 11h00 (30 minutes before the exam schedule)

During the ZOOM call student should keep their microphone and webcam off, but should pay attention to any information provided by the teaching staff.

If necessary students should use the private chat to make questions to the teaching staff 


The exam assignment will be provided in the TEAMS platform.

Students that do not have access to the TEAMS platform can also access the assignment in FENIX.


The exam resolution can be in Portuguese or English

Students can access any written information during the exam

Students can not communicate with each other during the exam

Student should solve the exam in sheets of paper.

The exam resolution should be scanned into one (or more) pdf that should be uploaded to TEAMS or FENIX.

Students should guarantee that all that is written in the exam is easily perceived during the exam correction.


If during the exam correction it is impossible to guarantee the identity of the person that solved the exam, such exam will not be corrected.

In the beginning of the ZOOM call students should show the teaching staff their face and the identity card.

If it is impossible for the student to use the webcam in the beginning of the ZOOM call, the student should take a photo where the exam, face and identity card  are clearly show and upload it (to TEAMS or FENIX).

Students should scan their identity card along the first exam page: