Project Submisstion

The deadline for the project submission is next Friday (5th June 2010) at 17h00.

Students should deliver a compressed zip file containing all the code of the project along with a Project_Evaluation.doc document:

Students should edit the Doc file ans state the percentage of completion of the various items and if necessary describe what is incorrect or incomplete.

The submission of the compressed file should be done using the FENIX system

Afterwards student should select one suitable date for the presentation of the project from the following doodle

The presentation of the project will be done via Zoom on a link to be provided in the FENIX page.

The report should be submitted to the FENIX the day before the presentation.

Project Report

Students should produce a report describing the functionalities, structure, and code of the project.

A template for the report is available in the project-Report-model-v2.pdf project-Report-model.pdf document. (new version added).

The project report  should be delivered the day before the presentation of the project.

Project Assignment

The project Assignment is available here: projecto-v1.pdf

Students should read the assignment to understand the various components, the communications protocols, and the rules of the game.

Board Generator

Tasks list

The file project-tasks.pdf contains a list of tasks that students can follow to implement the project. 

This list is not exhaustive (students should guarantee that all the project assignment is implemented), but gives a possible order that will help the development of the project.

The project will follow the work developed in Lab8 and Lab9.

A new version of the UI_library is available here:

The main difference of this new version is the inclusion of a new function to draw a super powered pacman.

A small manual of the Library is available here: UI_library.pdf

The deadline for the submission of the project will be in the last week of classes.

The presentation and evaluation of the projects will be done after the end of the classes in a schedule to arrange with the teaching staff.

Any question and doubts about the project can be done by mail, but it is advisable to use the Teams Project Channel.