This course exams will be done with support of the teams platform.

Exam preparation

Students should read carefully the following document:

Students that do not have access to Microsoft TEAMS should answer a survey with the link inside the document.

Dry run of the exam

It is available on the teams platform a dry run of the exam. (Assignments -> Programação de Sistemas -> Exam Dry Run or Tarefas  -> Programação de Sistemas -> Exam Dry Run)

In tis drill/exercise, students will access the pdf assignment (equivalent to the exams questions) and need to follow the presented steps.

Students will need to upload to teams a scan of the answers.

Validation of technical requirements

In order to verify if the students have the necessary resources students should follow the next steps:

The exams will be done online using the Teams platform. As such it is necessary for the teaching staff and students to start to prepare for this new way.

During this week it will be necessary for students to start using the Teams platform (in the Assignments/Tarefas) section to answer surveys and "dummy" experimental exams.

Students can now access the teams platform and answer a survey where it is described the technical requirements for solving the exams.

  1.  Access the teams platform (either on the application or on the browser ( 
    1. Use your mail to access
    2. If it is your first time to access the teams, follow the direction in
  2. access the Tarefas/Assignments tab
  3. Select Programação de Sistemas
  4. Select Final exam technical requirements
  5. Open the form to answer the survey

The limit date to answer this survey the next Wednesday 13th may at 12h00 (Portuguese time).

During this week, a dummy exam will be provided (in the teams platform) for the students to answer it and experiment with the various necessary tools .