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New version of adet (V1.5) and READEME.pdf

9 Dezembro 2020, 01:13 Paulo Flores

Due to a bug on the adet code, the average determinant value was incorrect computed (it was divided by 8). Thank you Gonçalo Mão-Cheia for pointing out this problem.

Therefore, there is an updated adet zip file with a correct version (v1.5) of the program adet, adet.exe and a refreshed sd765.iter and README.pdf files.

New version of adet and READEME.pdf

2 Dezembro 2020, 01:25

Files update for project lab.3

24 Novembro 2020, 08:20

Constraint file for Lab2

8 Novembro 2020, 19:12

Changes on classes next Wednesday and lab files update

25 Outubro 2020, 20:20

Corpo Docente

Paulo Flores