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Welcome - Digital System Design

2 Setembro 2019, 18:08 Paulo Flores

Welcome to Digital System Design (Projecto de Sistemas Digitais) classes (1º Sem. 2019/2020).

The lectures begin on Wednesday, September 18 at 15h30 in EA4.

Laboratory classes will begin on the week after (Sep. 23) in LSD2. Each lab group must have 3 students. Lab enrolment will be processed via Fenix, starting after the first lecture class. Details will be provided during the course presentation.

All information regarding this course, such as supporting study material, lab assignments, grades, etc, will be made available through the course webpage on Fenix.
The course designs will be developed using the Vivado Design Suite (the Vivado HL WebPACK edition can be used freely) and the Basys3 development board.

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Paulo Flores