Final grades submission

18 Fevereiro 2020, 10:47 Paulo Flores

The final grades were submitted on the Fenix system and signed on February 14, 2020.

Have a great 2nd semester.

2nd Exam and Final Grades

10 Fevereiro 2020, 01:10 Paulo Flores

The 2nd Exam the Final grades (including all grades of the laboratories) are available on Grades section.
Students can review the evaluation of the exam (Revisão de Provas) on the next Wednesday, February 12, at 15h at INESC-ID, room 137.

Grades of Lab.3, Exam.1 and review date

21 Janeiro 2020, 02:40 Paulo Flores

The grades regarding the evaluation of the 1st Exam are available on Grades section Students can review the evaluation of the exam (Revisão de Provas) on the next Friday, January 24, at 15h at INESC-ID, room 137. If for some reason you need to review your exam before Friday please send an email for a tentative schedule. On this date students can also check their projects reports evaluations (Lab.3).
Grades on the project Lab.3 are also available, other labs are still being evaluated.

Rescheduling of Opens Classes (Aulas de Dúvidas) and previous year exams

15 Dezembro 2019, 19:30 Paulo Flores

  • The new schedule of open questions classes for the exam period was updated in the corresponding page.
  • The last week of classes will be used for questions about the taught subjects and supporting for the final project:
    • Wednesday, Dec. 18, 17h00 - 18h30 (LSD.2)
    • Friday, Dec. 20, 15h30 - 17h00 (LSD.2)
  • Some previous years exams were made available on the Supporting Material page.

New version of bls program (V1.3)

5 Dezembro 2019, 01:30 Paulo Flores

Due to different ranges of random number generation on Linux and Windows, a new zip file with version V1.3 of bls program was released on the Laboratories page.