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Project Presentation - details...

2 Dezembro 2015, 19:06 José Borbinha

The classes the last week of the semester will be focused on the presentation of the technical project by the groups

IMPORTANT: this presentation must focus ONLY in the technological project, meaning the deliveries 2 and 4. Please do not waste time in the presentation describing the problem (as it must be well know of everyone...)! Just plan the presentation for 3 parts like these: description of the approach the group had designed; the results achieved; and the main challenges faced during the implementation.

For this purpose, each group must:

- Register in one of the possible classes of 16, 17 or 18 December in this Doodle: http://doodle.com/poll/2bdfuufxfxcefumy (for each class we expect to book, ideally, a maximum of 10 groups; students of Tagus can book in the Alameda class)

- Prepare in advance a set of slides and submit these slides in Fenix, as "Deliver 4b", until the 15 December

- Provide a 10 MINUTES (MAXIMUM) presentation in the class the group had registered (all the member of the group are expected to be present).

Slides 09 - Organizational Contexts are published

29 Novembro 2015, 17:30

Slides 08 - e-Science are published

20 Novembro 2015, 17:22

Slides 07 - Semantic Web Technology are published

15 Novembro 2015, 17:26

Materials of this week class

7 Novembro 2015, 16:46

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