This week sessions

15 Março 2021, 15:28 Sofia Sá

Hello! So this week we'll have two distinct sessions:

Session 1 – Guest speaker session: Commercial communication

Session 2 – Communication activity


Session 1 - Guest speaker session: Commercial communication

Why? Patrícia's is going to talk to us about how to sell our ideas and the techniques associated. She's an excellent trainer and the session will be super interactive. We will learn a lot!

When? Portuguese session – Tuesday, 16th of March, 17:00/18:30 & English session – Thursday, 18th of March, 18:00/19:30

Points – 2 points (as a regular class)

Questions about Session 1 – "Do I have to see the two sessions from the guest speaker?": one is enough :blush:

"I can't go in any of the scheduled sessions, will I lose the 2 points from this class?" – the full task 3, corresponding to that session, will consist of seeing the session video (you will be able to choose English or Portuguese version), so you can always see Patrícia, even if you miss the two sessions. Doing that task will give the two points

"I can't stay for the all session, will I lose my two points?" – You have to see the first hour and a half. After that, it's Q&A and it's not going to count to the presence.

"I don't agree with zoom sessions being recorded with me there" – I respect that and I invite you to see, after this week, the session recording and do the full task 3.


Session 2 – Communication activity

Why? Last semester's colleagues' words: "super fun!" "learned a lot about asking better questions" "god, I suck taking notes, need to deal with it ASAP" "amazing activity that simulates working in an engineering team". I promise you will love it and learn about communicating in small teams and about your aspects to improve.

When? Monday 15:30 & 17:30, Tuesday 15:00, Thursday 16:00 (it takes around 75 minutes)

Points – 0.25 extra in the final grade (yes, most of you will get 20.25 next week, if you came to the activity :slight_smile:

Questions – "Patrícia is coming in my shift, can I still participate in the activity?": yes, please feel free to come to any other shift.

"I can't come to this activity, will there be a full task to compensate for it?": This activity involves teamwork and working with colleges. If you are a "full tasks student", feel free to come since it's not a "regular" class :).

If you have any other questions, I'm here!