23 Julho 2020, 12:19 Sofia Sá

Hi there,

Just updated the provisional grades - - with the XP of Moodle and the final task - mistakes will happen l (I'm just one he he), and we have time to correct everything - please useá1/OccurrencesReport to report it as soon as possible (I might take a few days to reply I'm getting my surgery today so until the 28th I'm forbidden to come to the computer lol). You can submit tasks correction until 23:59 of the 27th (let's upgrade that grade lol).

Thank you so much for your patience and see you soon,



19 Julho 2020, 21:30 Sofia Sá

Hi there!

After 2298 presences validated, 260 tasks corrected with feedbacks sent and 49 resolved occurrences, here we have the first version of the provisional grades regarding the first 8 sessions (Moodle XP and Final task on the way!).

The idea is to confirm if everything is alright and, if not, please use the occurrences report you can find here -á1/OccurrencesReport and, also, on the top left corner of the table.

Here is the link for the provisional grades - Questions, clarifications, anything please let me know :)

Thank you so much,


Moodle XP

30 Junho 2020, 12:37 Sofia Sá


O Moodle fecha hoje às 00:00. Por favor valida o teu XP com a ferramenta - (ignora o XP que aparece no Level up :) e analisa se precisas de ter mais XP para atingires os teus objectivos. 

Como foi referido no email, vou usar só a ferramenta do Google sheets e validar, posteriormente, os posts, as resposas e os feedbacks (só ver se a pessoa foi à aula que deu feedback e se fez a tarefa a que deu feedback, não tenho acesso a quem escreve o quê he he). 



Final task deadline

25 Junho 2020, 17:04 Sofia Sá

Hi there!

Yes you can deliver the final task until the 30 of June, with a very litle penalty of 0.025 for each day beyond the formal deadline - to be fair to all the colleagues that already submitted :)



You have a new email :)

10 Junho 2020, 16:45 Sofia Sá

Hi there! 

Please check your email :)