Assignments and work

5 Janeiro 2022, 00:19 Ricardo de Figueiredo Vieira

Dear students, PDF versions of the assignments 1 to 4 are available on section "Assignments". Let me recall you that the 4th assignment was partially solved in class. Hence, besides a report describing the methodology fundamentals and procedure for the problem solution, with the remarks considered relevant, your task in this assignment is to present a numerical solution for the mesh that was adopted in class.


A link to the final work is also given in this section. A Python library (PyFEM) is referred as a tool to be adopted. However, any other code suitable for solving the problem can be adapted. The report should present numerical examples to highlight the adopted nonlinear method, as well as a summary of the fundaments of the method. It is not mandatory, but a comparison of the solution with a commercial software can also be presented.


Deadline for the assignment is on the 28/1 and for the global work on the 4/2.