Test/exam examples available, info for Test#2, Exam#1

12 Janeiro 2020, 14:38 José Santos-Vitor

Dear students

Here's some additional information concerning the Test#2 preparation:
- I have uploaded new examples of previous tests with solutions
- You are allowed to bring one A4 sheet of paper with formulas, etc ... to consult during the test 
- Those students who completed Test#1 (and hence, have a grade) can only do Test#2 now.

Exam #1
- Only the students who did NOT obtain a grade for Test#1 may do Exam#1.
- Please email me if that is your case and write "PIV - Exam #1" in the email subject
   **AND**  add your student number, name and email to the following list:

Office Hours
- I will be available tomorrow, starting at 2PM, for late-breaking questions ....
- Venue: meeting room, "Systems, Decision and Control" scientific area, North Tower, 5th floor.

Best regards,
José Santos-Victor