PIV is evaluated from two graded components : 50 % (test/exam) + 50% project. 

Test and exam dates : first test  30/Oct/2019, Second test 14/Jan/2020, exam 31/Jan/2020

Project submission date: last day of classes 

Classes :  Monday 15:30-17:00 EA5, Friday 15:30-17:00 EA2

Lab: 1.5h in one of the available shifts:

         Monday    17:00-18.30

         Thursdays 8:00-9.30

         Thursdays 11.00-12.30

         Thursdays 14:00-15.30

Lab registration is individual and independent from project groups.

Registration for lab classes will be done using the fenix group registration,  starting monday 17:00. Details in the first class (monday)

Lab classes start in the following week (monday 23 Sep).

Project: The project is done in groups of 3, exceptionally 2. Group assignment/registration will be done at a later stage (3rd week). Group members do not need to enroll  in the same lab class/shift.

Students are required to develop a small project anchored on the main theoretical concepts. The software must be written in MATLAB. Even though some students are not familiar with MATLAB the project does not require advanced programming skills and some critical parts will be showed/provided in the lab classes.