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Test audit and next test

9 Janeiro 2019, 13:57 José Santos-Vitor

Dear students,
Concerning a few requests I have received by e-mail, please note the following:

  • You can audit Test#1, tomorrow Jan 10th at 2 PM. Meeting room Systems, Decision and Control area, 5th floor, North Tower.
  • In the next few minutes, I will add new test examples, with solutions.
  • On January 15th we will have the **Test#2** only.  The exam will be held on Feb 1st, for those (few) students who do not pass with the tests track. Students who wish to improve the grade obtained in the test track may also take the (full) exam in the final date.
Please email me if you have any further questions,
José Santos-Victor  

First run after corrections

8 Janeiro 2019, 00:28


30 Dezembro 2018, 20:03

Test and Submission of PIV Projects

2 Dezembro 2018, 18:33

News sets of slides

23 Novembro 2018, 13:13

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