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Cross-Seminars - 21 June 16h - "Conceptual and technical structure of the exhibition: A THIRD REASON"

21 Junho 2021, 13:47 Ana Almeida Matos

We will be announcing here the program of the Cross-Seminars series, organized by the students. The keynote for the seminars is that they share research work, on different topics, that either cross disciplinary boundaries or use techniques from one area to solve problems in another area.

The first one will take place today. You are very welcome to attend. Stay tuned for the following ones!

SEMINAR 1 – 21 June / 16h00 - 16h45
Title: Conceptual and technical structure of the exhibition: A THIRD REASON
Speakers: Alexandre Estrela, Borja Caro

Alexandre Estrela’s work is an investigation on the essence of images that expands spatially and temporally through different supports. In his videos and installations Estrela examines the subject’s psychological reactions to images in their interaction with matter. Each piece has several layers to which we are initiated step by step. The works are not just there to be watched, but rather to be unfolded. Each piece convokes synesthetic experiences, visual and sound illusions, aural and chromatic sensations that function as perceptive traps, leading the subject towards conceptual levels. With this strategy Estrela is constantly problematising the elements that constitute the act of perceiving, splitting vision into further sensible dimensions towards the unseen and the unheard. His work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally: https://travesiacuatro.com/eng/artista/alexandre-estrela-2/

Borja Caro focuses in the composition of experimental electronic music. During his time at the University of the Arts London he presented his work at the Digital Design Drop in the Music Hackspace at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Back in Madrid, among several projects, he worked in the organization and promotion of “unconventional” musical events” and also released two albums. Many of his live presentations also took place internationally. Now in Lisbon, he has been collaborating with the artist Alexandre Estrela, for whom he develops interactive audiovisual systems and sound design in the context of the artist’s own work.

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