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Final scores

30 Junho 2016, 19:45 Isabel Maria Martins Trancoso

Final scores have been published on the PF alternative webpage.
The final score has been computed assigning equal weights to the 3 tests and the lab score (25%), in order to take into account the extra lab work. This slight change of weights did not affect any student in a negative way.  An additional point has been added to the 2 groups who won the Lab 4 challenge, and to the group who achieved the highest Lab score overall.
Exams can be reviewed on July 1st 15:30-16:30. Contact me if this schedule is not possible.

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22 Junho 2016, 09:57

Material em Português

8 Junho 2016, 13:32

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4 Junho 2016, 20:59

PF Gender Detection Challenge 2016 results

2 Junho 2016, 15:05

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