Excel File

10 Dezembro 2019, 17:17 Joana Mendonça

Dear all,

I posted an excel file used by IPMEI on SMEs.
You are not obliged to use it for your financial analysis. Only if you want.

2nd Workshop - TODAY

28 Novembro 2019, 12:24 Joana Mendonça

Dear all,

A reminder that today I will give the 2nd workshop.

2nd workshop

21 Novembro 2019, 15:47 Joana Mendonça

Dear all,

the 2nd workshop had been rescheduled to November 28th by request from Prof. Ana Fred and some students who could not attend.
I thought the information had been distributed. I only realised today that was not the case. I apologize.
I will do the workshop next week at 2pm.

1st workshop

10 Outubro 2019, 13:00 Joana Mendonça

Dear all, a reminder of today's workshop in class.

Although attendance is not mandatory, the work done today may not be replace it with individualised sessions.
Thank you.