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22 Janeiro 2014, 21:03 João Pedro Carvalho

Dear all, The final scores are now uploaded. Unfortunately, there was a mistake in the previous spreadsheet. As I said in the previous e-mail that spreadsheet was temporary. The main objective was release the scores for the assignement, that were correct, as fas as I could do at the time. The percentage of the exam/test and the assignement were swapped. The correct version after revison is the new one: 60%for tests/exams and 40% for the assignement. Thanks for those who sent me an e-mail saying that I was wrong. Best, Leonardo

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21 Janeiro 2014, 10:38

Room for test

9 Dezembro 2013, 09:56

Replacement Class

22 Outubro 2013, 10:11

Replacement Class

11 Outubro 2013, 13:33

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