2 Julho 2015, 08:46 Isabel Loupa Ramos

Final grades are available. Any question or doubt,  send me an email today for meeting tomorrow at 10:00.
If there should be no further issues, I hope you enjoyed the course and I wish you a great summer.
See you.

Exam tomorrow - room V1.12

29 Junho 2015, 12:37 Isabel Loupa Ramos

The exam will take place on the 30-06-2015 in room V1.12.

Part 1 from 15:00 to 16:00.

Part 2 from 16:00 to 17:00.

The following students are registered:

Sofia Augusto -1

Paula Moreira - 1, 2

João Pedro Silverio - 2

Yuan Liu - 1,2 

Tamim Dawari  - 1,2


Exam 30/6

25 Junho 2015, 07:59 Isabel Loupa Ramos

Those who want to register for the exam on the 30th, should send me an e-mail until the 28th, indicating which part(s) they would like to do.

It will take place in room (V1.12) at 15:00.


Results of exams and reports are available

23 Junho 2015, 10:44 Isabel Loupa Ramos

Results of exams and reports are available - In case there are any questions or doubts I can be available tomorrow (24/6) during the afternoon if requested by email today.

Exame 15/6 - 15/06/2015 às 18:30 (Q4.6)

14 Junho 2015, 22:19 Isabel Loupa Ramos

A parte 1 do exame realiza-se das 18:30 às 19:30 e a 2ª parte das 19: 30 às 20:30.
Há dois alunos inscritos - Assucena e Flávio.